Internet De-addiction Programme

Technology has its advantages only when used in proper way. Invention of internet in 90s was a great boon for the mankind, we could explore the world like never before, could send our messages with just a mouse click. There seemed nothing which was not possible for us.


But with the passage of time it seems technology has taken over our life & we have become slave to internet. With the excess usage of internet, laptops, ipads & smartphones we are knowingly or un-knowingly deteriorating our physical & mental wellbeing. The condition is called iDisorder, internet overuse disorder or internet addiction. Some of the common symptoms that are associated with this disorder are : dryness / pain in eyes, pain in cervical & lumbar spine, loss of appetite, mild to severe headaches, loss of sleep, irritable behaviour, mood swings. These symptoms are serious alarming signs & one should seek counselling & assistance to improve the physical & mental wellbeing.

Internet De-addiction

India-Ayurveda.Org in association with Uday Foundation conducts workshops & counselling sessions for individuals with need. The entire programme is a blend of counselling sessions, activities, yoga, exercises & various ayurvedic treatments where the needy is motivated to spend time socially, take part in various activities & move away from the grips & ill hazards of overuse of technology.