Karna Poorna

Karna Poornam

This is the therapy related to Ear as the name indicates. Karnapoorna is a snaskrit term where “Karna” refers to “ear” & “poorna” refers to “to fill”. So, the process in which medicated oil or liquid is made warm and gently poured into the ears. This medicated oil or fluid lubricates the ear cavity, softens the wax, which is generated in the ear, and helps to remove it, there by improving the hearing.

The treatment also normalises the vata dosha which is responsible for the hearing process. During therapy, a gentle massage of ears & head is performed and then drops of warm medicated oil or liquid are slowly pored into the ears.

The whole process is calming & nourishing to the nervous system.
It strengthens external ear, tympanic membrane and middle ear.
It improves patient condition in various psychological conditions like stress, depression, sleeplessness and migraine by calming down the brain and mind.
Regular therapy prevents ear infections.
It also helps in balance disorders, dizziness,vertigo and nausea.

Excess Ear wax,
Jaw Pain,
Menieres Disease
Impaired Hearing
General Bodily Aches and Pains.