Dhanyamla Dhara

This is a type of dhara and the procedure is similar to that. Only difference is that instead of oil or herbal decoction, medicated liquid prepared from grains i.e cereals (dhanya) and Vinegar (Amla) is used. For prepration of dhanyamla, navara rice, horse gram, millet, citrus fruits & dried ginger are used, which are tied into a potli and boiled in water for specific duration to obtain dhanyamla.

This dhara treatment can be performed on full body or a part of the body. If performed on entire body, the body is covered with a thin cloth, to retain the body heat. Dhanyamala is used at lukewarm temperature throuhout the course of treatment. The treatment usually lasts for 7 days or 14 days. It may extend to more sessions as per advise by the doctor.

Indications : This treatment is usually recommeded for vata- kapha disorders. It is very effectively used to fight obesity along with other Ayurvedic Slimming Treatments. It is also used to reduce inflammations, muscular pains & activates nerves, improves blood flow, reduces blood cholestrol, improves skin complexion, softens & exfoliate dead cells. It is a tried & tested treatment for paralysis, hemiplagia, rheumatic complaints.