Netra Tarpana

Netra Tarpanam

As the name indicates Netra Tarpana is a therapy for the nourishment of eyes. “Netra” means “Eyes” & “Tarpana” means “Nourishment”. This enhances the eyesight & also overcomes the fatigue. This treatment is highly recommended in today’s fast pace life where most of the time is spent online, drive for longer durations, or students who often get tired, aching & sore eyes due to spending lot of time in studies.

This therapy is performed along with a gentle face & scalp massage followed by retaining of medicated ghee (clarified butter) onto the eyes. The eyes are kept open for better penetration of medicinal properties into the eyes.

Duration – 30 minutes


Burning in the eyes
Dry eye syndrome
Chronic Conjunctivitis
Pain in the eyes
Watering and cloudiness of the eyes
Night Blindness
Corneal ulcers
Refractive errors of the eyes.
Early stages of retinitis pigmentosa
Early stages of retinopathy