Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke


When most parts of India are struggling to beat the heat at 45 – 50 degree celcius, it becomes very important to understand the difference between Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke. Heat Exhaustion happens when an individual is not properly hydrated while Heat Stroke is an illness of severe type, which may be life threatening if a propoer treatment is not ensured. In short, Heat Stroke is quite an emergency.

Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, Delhi

High atmospheric temperature ——> dehydration ——-> loss of water from the body ———–> heat exhaustion ——————> If not treated —————> heat stroke (life threatening)

Apart from above some other common causes of heat stroke are consumption of alcohal, wearing too much cloths, sweat gland malfunction and some cardio-vascular disease.


Heat Exhaustion – Dyhydration, Fatigue, Weakness, hyper-sweating, Nausea, Vomitting, Headache, Irritability

Heat Stroke – Hot dry skin with no sweating, temperature of 104 or higher, fast pulse rate, difficulty in breathing,  severe headache, weakness, dizziness, confusion, seizures, reduced responsivenes, person becomes unconscious.

health care infographics about heat stroke risk sign and symptom and prevention

health care infographics about heat stroke risk sign and symptom and prevention


If a person gets affected by above symptoms of Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke,

immediately person should be shifted in shade or inside,

his tight clothes shall be immediately made loose and excess clothing removed from the body.

If the body temperature increases, a sheet dipped in cold water must be wrapped onto the body of the patient.


Aam Panna is summer saviour. It is made up of green mangoes and spices like cummins, fennel, peeper & black salt.It provides immediate energy & balances slectrolyte balance.

Tamarind is another natural gem for summers. Unripened tamarind is boiled in water & filtered. This liquid is consumed with sugar, immediately lowers the body temperature & fixes the salt balance of the body.

Green Coconut water is life saving. This can be taken at regular intervals.

A person should take plenty of liquids like juices, glucose & electrolyte fluids.

Onions are considered good to beat the heat stroke. Roasted onion with cummin seeds is a booster to beat the heat exhaustion & stroke. Onion juice if applied behind ears & on the chest helps to cool the body temperature. Onion in any form is good in summers.

Plums soaked in cold water, they are mashed in the water after some time. The liquid is filtered & consumed.

Coriander & mint are very good indian herbs for summer. A chuttney prepared from these along with dried pomegranate seeds is very effective to cool body temperature.

Aloevera juice is rich source of minerals & vitamins. It rehydrates the body and cool the body temperature. Aloevera gel application on skin & face is a remedy to prevent prickly heat.

Basil leaves made to paste form can be applied on the face to protect skin from the heat stroke. It acts as a natural sunscreen. Basil leaves if soaked in water & then consumed helps to lower the body temperature.

Buttermilk is age old remedy to beat the heat in summers.

Sandalwood powder made to paste form by adding rose water & applied on the forehead & chest prevents the heat stroke & exhaustion.


In Ayurvedic science, heat exhaustion is referred to Aanshughata Jwara (आन्शुघत ज्वर)  and heat stroke is referred as Aanshughata Sannipata (आन्शुघत सन्निपात).  These conditions usually are noticed in the summer season when atomspheric temperature increases.

Ayurveda is not just a medical science but is science of life. It explains daily regimen (दिनचर्या) & regimen according
to weather (ऋतुचर्या).

The patient shall be given follwong medicines to recover from heat exhaustion & heat stroke :

Mahashishir Panak – 15ml after every half an hour.

Chandanadi Churna, Ratneshwar Rasa – 200mg of Chandanadi Churna and 100mg of Ratneshwar Rasa, three times daily with triphala water.

If pulse becomes weak or feeble, Mritsanjivani Sura 50ml to 60ml.