Shiroabhyangam is a shorter treatment of 30 minutes duration. The treatment includes gentle & firm hand massage strokes to the entire head, neck and shoulders. This loosens the rigid muscles and improves blood circulation to the head, oxygen-rich blood reaching the head helps to remove harmful toxins.

This treatment refreshes the five senses by focusing mainly on the ‘marma points’, most of which are located proximal to the head. These marma points, when given gentle massage, have a hugely calming and balancing effect throughout the body and nervous system. The doctor decides the oil for the treatment based upon the prakruti analysis of the individual.

Recommended for:  headaches, stress, insomnia, scalp conditions, depression or frustation, excess use of smartphones, internet etc

Benefits: offers relaxation, balances the nervous system, improves and enhances sensor perception, strengthens hair roots, improves hair condition, improves blood circulation the brain, promotes natural detoxification of the lymph glands around the neck and armpits.