Ksheera Dhara

Ksheeradhara is a type of shirodhara, which is performed with milk (Ksheera) blended with decoction of various herbs for better results. This can be performed as “Shirodhara” or “Sarvangdhara”. Shirodhara is only performed at the head while sarvangdhara is performed on whole body except head.  Ksheeradhara when performed as shirodhara is a treatment of choice in hypertensive conditions, depression & anxiety management, improving insomniac conditions.

For “Sarvang Ksheeradhara” a suitable oil, as per disease condition, is applied on the head and then sarvangdahar is performed on whole body. This is also called Oil Bathe. This Ksheeradhara is ususally performed in vata & pitta disorders and is effective in management of certain neurological conditions especially conditions which also include burning sensation and numbness.

The Sarvanga Ksheera Dhara is used to improve the blood circulation of the body and enhances mind relaxation. It also efficiently lubricates the joints, relievs pain, spasms and stiffness of the muscles and joints.