Choorna Pinda Sweda


Pindasveda is poultice treatment which is designed for rejuvenation & revitalization of entire body. In this procedure medicated herbal powder is tied in a poltice & dipped into warm medicated oil to massage into the body by therapists. The body absorbs the healing properties of medicated powders & oil through the skin.

Pind sweda is recommended for muscular aches and pains, osteo arthritis, insomnia, depression, sinus related ailments, stroke victims. Usually advised for almost all vata disorders & for rejuvenation purposes. In winters, this is one of the recommended treatments to keep the skin healthy & moist.

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes


Neurological conditions, Arthritis caused due to block of vata by kapha, Over weight and obesity, acute pains like sciatica, lumbago etc.