Ayurveda says “नासा हि शिरसो  द्वारं” i.e nose is the doorway to brain, mind and consciousness. It says Prana (प्राण वायु), or life-force energy, enters the body in the form of breath so it is very important that there are no blockages in the airway. It must be lubricated & in healthy condition all the time. Nasyam performs exactly what is expected for a health airway passage, it removes the blockage, if any, offers lubrication & promotes free flow of life force energy.

In this therapy, few drops of medicated oil are instilled into the nostrils, the oil removes blockage & promotes lubrication of airways. For different ailments different oils are used. The oils are medicated with various herbs which clear the nasal passage as well as sinus cavities.

Benefits: improved clarity and perception, enhanced cerebral circulation, better sleeping patterns, improved sense of well-being and calmness of mind.

Indications – Dry nasal passage, sore throat, hoarse voice, stiffness in the neck of head, jaw ache, facial paralysis, headaches, migraines and various eye and ears problems. It is also effective in relieving mental and emotional stress, anxiety, fear and negativity.