Hrid Basti

Hrit Basti

Hrid Basti (हृद बस्ती ) is a sanskrit term which literally means Hridaya, the heart and Basti, the container or retainer. This is also called as Urobasti (उरो = chest and बस्ति = retaining something inside).  So this treatment, as indicated from the name, is related to heart conditions & promoting healthy heart. In this procedure, medicated oil is retained on the chest or heart region, giving an oil bath to the heart. This can be done by using medicated oil heated to a temperature or freshly made hebal decoction. The procedure lasts for 20 – 30 minutes. At the end of the procedure a gentle massage is done on the heart region. Hridaya or heart is described in ayurveda as one among the Three Marmas ( त्रिमर्म ) which measures about four fingers (4 अंगुली प्रमाण) and location is referred to middle of sternum.

Pacifies aggravated Vata dosha in the chest region
Nourishes and Strengthens the cardiac muscles; thus rejuvenate  the heart
Regulates cardiac functions
Relieves deep seated repressed  stress,anger and grief
Improves  blood circulation and breathing
Gives a sense of peace and happiness

Ischemic Heart Diseases
Valvular disease

Other cardiac conditions